Why Norton is the best?

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So once you have decided to buy an antivirus, simply go with the best and buy Norton. Norton by Symantec comes with a guarantee of 100% protection which no other competitor could guarantee in today’s market. Symantec Norton is designed to create next-generation protection against newest threats. Norton makes sure to send regular updates to its user about the latest threats in the market. Visiting and downloading software from www.norton.com/setup makes sure you have the latest version. Do you still have questions why Norton? Below is the list of features that would help you make your decision better.

Key features:

  • Norton provides cloud based controls to help you fix, update, renew and install Norton Antivirus with few simple clicks.
  • Let’s the user schedule resources and intensive tasks for when you do not use your system.
  • Multiple patented layers of protections to detect and eliminate threats quickly.
  • Let’s you automatically fill in web forms to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your information.
  • Provides detailed information about files in the system with File Insight.
  • Monitors your system for suspicious behaviour to detect new crime ware, attacks and other threats using SONAR Behavioural Protection.
  • Creates emergency DVD/USB to back up your system using Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

Also we are always there for you as a Tech support firm to help you solve the issue of install, reinstall, diagnose or any other errors related to Norton Antivirus.

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