About Microsoft and its products:

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Microsoft Corporation also known as Microsoft or MS is a multinational company headquartered in Washington. Microsoft emphasizes in development, manufacture, licenses, support and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Microsoft is known throughout for its operating system, Office suite, Edge and Internet explorer browser.

In 1990 Microsoft introduced its office suite, Microsoft office. This was a bundle of productivity software Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Office suite became dominant in its field for business purposes. In 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95 with multitasking features to expand its product line into computer networking and World Wide Web with new offers. Then later years came the advancement the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mobile, Windows 7 and many more.  With all these to the huge market Gates retired from his role as Chief Software Architect on June 2008. Although he retained another position of being an advisor for the company on key projects. Then came the industry boom for smartphone. The struggle with rival Apple and Google peaked up as they were dominating the market with modern smartphone and operating system. It took few years for Microsoft to revamp their flagship operating system with smart phones. Microsoft worked close with Nokia (smart phone manufacturer) to build up a small loyal base for its operating system in modern smart phone.

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